About us

Tekla Fabrics is a homeware design studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We make a collection of home textiles carefully curated for the modern home.


We want to bring a high level of design into our modern lives.Our bedding looks and feels great without ironing – they are meant to be machine washed and hung dry. Our duvet covers fasten directly to the duvets so the silhouette stays crisp.

Our towels were developed to be extra absorbent and also maintain their fluffy texture after machine washing. And our bathrobes, inspired by Scandinavian bathing culture, have deep pockets and extra large hoods.


We strive to make the least impact possible on our environment. Our cotton products are made from organic cotton and all our products are eco-tex marked which means that our products are free of harmful chemicals. Our entire range is designed in our studios in Copenhagen and produced in Europe.


We launched Tekla to fill a gap in the market for quality, affordable textiles in distinct, thoughtful colorways. We now roll out new textile and homeware products in response to the feedback of our customers about what they are missing.