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3daysofdesign Recap

We would like to thank everyone involved, and everyone stopping by our gift shop. Truly amazing. Following is a little photographic recap.

By Tekla28th May 2019
A Midsummer Night's Dream

A display of TEKLA’s idea of a dreamlike state of summer...

By Tekla16th May 2019
John Pawson & Tekla Fabrics

‘Shadow is a colour, as light is, but less brilliant; light and shadow are only the relation of two tones.’ – Paul Cézanne Tekla Fabrics has in collaboration with John Pawson developed a series of four blankets all inspired by John’s home in the Oxfordshire countryside.

By Tekla3rd April 2019
Kullen, Sweden

In the fall of 2017, we visited the untouched and rocky ocean sides of western Sweden. Kullen is a mountain ridge, stretching more than 8 kilometers north of Helsingborg.

By Kristofffer W. Juhl1st May 2019
Why Recycled Cotton is good for the planet

Cotton is a quite resource-demanding harvest in terms of use of water, pesticides and insecticides. Using recycled cotton results in significant savings of natural resources and thereby a reduction in pollution. Recycling one tonne of cotton can save around 765 cubic metres of water.

By Mikkel Jerichau24th April 2019
The Floating Bed

The Floating Bed came from the idea of creating something that was simple and giving you the feeling of floating. It’s made from Douglas pine and hovers 7 centimeters above the floor.

By Tekla3rd April 2019
Homage Exhibition

HOMAGE, an exhibition by Tekla and IOMA for 3 Days of Design 2018.

By Tekla3rd April 2019
Hotel Amour Paris

Tekla Fabrics are pleased to introduce a collaboration with our friend, the Parisian artist, André Saraiva, and his renowned Hôtel Amour.

By Tekla3rd April 2019
New Playlist: TEKLA 06—Spring Light

The playlist is a mix of 80s ambiance, Scandinavian songs, well-known hits, and framed by Tekla favorite Ryuichi Sakamoto.

By Villads Larsen3rd April 2019
Petite Miramar

Designed by old friends with a shared dream of creating something akin to a commune for their friends and family.

By Tekla3rd April 2019
Toten Tretopphytte

Where the great lake Mjøsa is at its widest lies Toten Tretopphytte. An ethereal construction placed 11 meters above the forest, with a view over Norway’s biggest lake and the nearby treetops.

By Mikkel Jerichau3rd April 2019