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Tekla Fabrics x Graanmarkt 13
Together with Graanmarkt 13, Tekla Fabrics has portrayed the city of Antwerp. Photographed by prominent photographer, Philip Messmann.
Tekla has captured a series of products in refined interaction with the apartment of Graanmarkt 13 designed by Vincent van Deuysen, in the heart of Antwerp. 
 A home of modern elegant architecture with concrete and wooden flooring.
In an elegant clash between modern European architecture and old monuments, the city shows its rich culture and history—as the van Deuysen apartment.
Through common affection, Graanmarkt 13 and Tekla have collectively depicted Antwerp through the lens of an aesthetic origin.
Featured products
Featured products
Ivory Terry Towel
Ash Black Hooded Bathrobe
Featured products
Featured products
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