Kullen, Sweden

By Kristofffer W. Juhl
1st May 2019
Kullen, Sweden

In the fall of 2017, we visited the untouched and rocky ocean sides of western Sweden. Kullen is a mountain ridge, stretching more than 8 kilometers north of Helsingborg.


Sky blue. Ash black. Sun Bleached yellow. Pearl pink. Soft grey. Unified in their
shared relationship with nature, these were the new characters of Tekla, introduced in late 2017. The hues are inspired by the sentimental shades of the Swedish forest, the Swedish winds, the Swedish waters, all bathed in the afternoon light of a lost summer.


All images from the campaign can be found here.

It was shot by Philip Messmann and feature Rosemarie Vind, together with the latest additions to the Organic Cotton Percale collection.

Reach out if you have any recommendations for beautiful Scandinavian locations, we are always on the lookout.