New Playlist: TEKLA 06—Spring Light

By Villads Larsen
3rd April 2019
New Playlist: TEKLA 06—Spring Light

We have created and dedicated our 6th edition of Spotify playlists to celebrate the new light of spring. The selection of songs are curated to emphasize the feeling of looking up into the sun, and feeling the sunbeams warm your body.

It is a mix of 80s ambiance, Scandinavian songs, well-known hits, and as the past playlists suggest, we have fond feelings for music from the 1980s. This being said, the following has a focus on the some more unknown artists styles from that period.

Scandinavian boogie by Björn Holm, Lili & Susie, Roger Rönning, and Hanne Boel, Post-punk club music of Saint Etienne, 52nd Street, and The Durutti Column.

Marvin Gaye, and of course: Sade.

And all framed by Tekla favorite composer Ryuichi Sakamoto.

Please enjoy.

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Villads is Art Director & Designer.