Toten Tretopphytte

By Mikkel Jerichau
3rd April 2019
Toten Tretopphytte

Where the great lake Mjøsa is at its widest lies Toten Tretopphytte.
An ethereal construction placed 11 meters above the forest, with a view over Norway’s biggest lake and the nearby treetops.

With its 117 km length the lake finds its place in eastern Norway surrounded by diverse forrest and hinterlands. Toten offers a natural peace near Norway’s biggest lake.

The nearby landscape is the perfect setup to enjoy the outdoors, whether it’s a mountain bike ride, hike or just to enjoy the panoramic view over Mjøsa from the cosy rooms of Toten Tretopphytte.

Modern architecture by Tord Kvien meets the tranquility of the forest, with the birds and trees as nearest neighbors.

The cabin is made to accentuate the nature. With its immediacy, the cabin becomes a part of the cultural landscape along with farms, free-range animals and local skiers.

The characteristic structure is built by local craftsmen in cooperation with owner Ståle Dahl. Further, it’s architect Anne Katrin Taagvold and interior designer Kirsten Visdal who created the concept and appliance for the cabin.

The cottage is designed to complement the place and nature, where every detail is made to allow you to take part in the surroundings, while being able to experience them safely and warmly within the cottage. Large glass surfaces reinforce the experience of being out among the treetops.

Up the stairs you get the experience of going inside a grid, both protected and transparent at the same time. An outdoor space to the west provides warmth and sun in the evening and with a back wall this becomes a very pleasant corner. To the north there is a veranda of over 20 square meters. From here there is a formidable view of Mjøsa and miles of views in every direction. You will be seeing one third of Mjøsa’s total area.

Around the treetops there is a booming animal and bird life with many different species. You will experience close contact with birds, squirrels, deer, foxes and moose.

Tekla provided the bedding for a clean and natural feel, in an atmosphere where contrasts meet.

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Mikkel is a content writer for Tekla Fabrics.