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Natures finest bedding. Cools you during summer and keeps you warm in winter.


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Sand Grey


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Sand Grey
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Product information+
  • Woven in Portugal from pure European flux.
  • Oeko-tex ® certified to be free of harmful chemicals.
  • Stonewashed for a comforting softness.
  • A laid-back durable fabric rich on addicting properties.
  • Accommodates to climate - keeps you warm in winter and cold during summer.
  • Moisture-wicking to secure a continuous feel of luxury.

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Care information+
  • Wash at low temperatures to protect the environment.
  • Wash light and dark colors separately.
  • Hang-dry to preserve fibres and color.
  • Use natural detergent for long last and a great feel.
  • Wash alone or with other bedding.

  • Don’t dry on too high temperatures.
  • Choose low heat.
  • Avoid using softener and bleachers.
  • Don’t wash with harsh clothes and zippers.

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