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Product Care

The most significant element for us as a responsible company is longevity and quality: we want to make products that people will enjoy for decades. Therefore, we encourage our customers to treat our fabrics with proper care and consideration.

Towel & Bathrobe Care

Using the terry products almost every single day, it is important that they provide a great service, being soft and easy on the skin, as well as highly absorbent for practical use. Inspired by advice from our ancestors we recommend to soak the new terry in cold water for 24 hours before the first wash. This way, the cotton fibres expand and ensures the best possible absorbency and strength of the terry.

Care instructions – Wash at low temperatures to protect the environment. – Tumble dry on low heat with dryer balls. – Use natural detergent for long last and a great feel – If a loop snags, please cut it, don’t pull it. – Avoid using softener and bleachers.

Bedding Care

Your Tekla bedding will keep feeling better after every wash. Make sure to wash and swap every week, to best preserve the fabric. This way, you will continue to enjoy the natural feel and sleep better.

Care instructions – Wash at low temperatures to protect the environment. – Wash light and dark colours separately. – Hang-dry to preserve fibres and colour. – If using a dryer, do it on low temperatures. – Use natural detergent for long last and a great feel. – Avoid using softener and bleachers.

Please note, that in case you have the need to wash higher than 40 degrees, this is no problem.

Sleepwear Care

Our products are made to last, however, a little effort goes a long way, ensuring a fresh look and natural feel of your favourite items. This way, you’ll continue to experience the soft feel of your sleepwear.

Care instructions – Wash at 30-40 degrees with natural detergents to protect the fabrics and the environment. – Wash light and dark colours separately. – Avoid using softener, bleachers, no or low iron. – Avoid tumble dry, hang-dry your garment for a fresh look and feeling. – If you’re using a dryer, choose a low heat and a low tumble cycle.

Wool Blanket Care

The Tekla wool blankets are created for years of wear, especially if you keep taking good care of them. By the nature of the fabric, wool is stain, odour and wrinkle-resistant and thus requires little maintenance. Hang the blankets outside now and then, to straighten them out and have air run through for a refreshing feel.

Care instructions – Dry clean to avoid shrinkage – Otherwise, hand wash at low temperatures

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