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How to dry in a gentler way
Recommendations for drying can help with the care and upkeep of Tekla products, but also in reducing environmental impact.
Drying CarePage
— Remove laundry as soon as the cycle is complete and shake out before drying to prevent damp and creases.
— Natural fibres such as cotton need to be stretched slightly to return to their pre-wash shape. Stretching products while they are still damp can reduce the need for ironing.
— Line dry whenever possible, away from direct sunlight. This is more gentle to fabric fibres and can help increase a product’s life span.
— When tumble drying, use a low heat.
— Use a dryer ball when tumble drying to reduce energy usage.
— If you choose to iron your products, iron while they are still damp. This helps remove creases and uses less energy.
— Products should never be stored damp. This allows bacteria to grow and can cause odour.

For more information, visit textiles care.

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