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123 June 2022
Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries,  
in conversation with John Pawson,
the designer talks the importance of bedrooms, his approach to his third collaboration with Tekla and how architecture influences his design.23 June 2022
217 June 2022
Stüssy / Tekla, by Stefan Armbruster and Sirui Ma, A photo story for Stüssy's second collaboration with Tekla.17 June 2022
324 May 2022
Summer in Puglia, by Philip Messmann, 24 May 2022
4February 14'th
Music for Valentine's Day, By Oliver Sim of The xx, A playlistFebruary 14'th
5August 2021
Stüssy x Tekla, Collaboration, Collaboration, August 2021 August 2021
6March 2022
Spring in Costa Rica: A photo story, by Laura Jane Coulson, March 2022
7February 2022
The Finnish Sauna Culture: An essay, by Josefine Skomars, February 2022
8November 2021
The Gift: An essay, by Morten Søndergaard, November 2021
9October 2021
Prism of Light, by Inés Manai, October 2021
10July 2021
Music to garden in pyjamas to: A playlist, By Penny Martin, July 2021
11May 2021
Tekla Playlist 14, by Lykke Li, May 2021
12May 2021
Nocturnal Tides: An interview , with Lena C. Emery, May 2021
13April 2021
Linen: A photo story, by Lina Scheynius, April 2021
14February 2021
Laura Jane Coulson for Tekla Fabrics, A Blanket Photo Story, February 2021
15November 2020
The Gentlewoman Sleepwear: An interview, with Penny Martin, November 2020
16August 2020
Sacred Places: An interview, by Philip Messmann, The book unfolds the photographer’s idea of capturing the dream of a sacred placeAugust 2020
17November 2019
Tekla Fabrics x John Pawson, by Philip Messmann, In collaboration with the prominent British architect John Pawson, Tekla has so far worked on two limited series of blanketsNovember 2019
18September 2019
Tekla Fabrics x Graanmarkt13, by Philip Messmann, Together with Graanmarkt13, Tekla Fabrics has portrayed the city of Antwerp.September 2019
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