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In conversation with Courtney Coll

For Stüssy and Tekla’s fourth collaboration, model and gardener Courtney Coll was captured in the woods and beaches of Southern California. Here, she discusses her family business, her home, herbalism and her routines.
Stüssy / Tekla vol. 4 In conversation with Courtney Coll
On Docs Family Farms

Doc’s is my family’s farm in Northern California. We’ve had it for about six years. It started because me and my brothers were working together on other farms, but we became uninterested in working for other people and wanted a property to grow ourselves.

We wanted to be able to work with our community, so there are other creations too.

On her home

I live in the Redwoods in Northern California. A lot of my life is spent bouncing around and travelling, so it’s been nice to have a spot in nature when I’m home. I spend a lot of my time at home in the kitchen. I love to cook and bake, and I’m finally living in a house with the kitchen of my dreams – it makes all the difference.
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On herbalism

I got into herbalism by working and living at the farm. I became interested in the way plants heal us and the ways they are medicine. Once I started looking into different ways to grow and use them, I started to play around. I got a copper distiller and was trying all the different plants we were growing on the land. It was a fun way to learn, seeing what worked and what didn’t.

One of my favourite things is sleeping. There are lots of different tea blends that are nice for resting and calming the nervous system. Some of my go-tos are chamomile, lemon balm and lavender.

On her routines

Stretching is key to grounding before resting. I have a Chi Machine which I use for 10 minutes before bed. It takes my relaxation to the next level. If I’m into a good book I like to read before bed. And I’ll drink tea.

My routine changes where I am, though. I’m always switching it up and making sure I get into a good routine when I travel. I find that it helps me settle in.
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