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Laura Jane Coulson for Tekla Fabrics

Working with Laura Jane Coulson, a prominent British photographer, Tekla has introduced a series of images, capturing something we’re all feeling or wanting: the loving spirit of spending time as a family and friends.

Fascinated with colour and texture, Laura has depicted the fleeting moments at which point these factors converge. Observation is an ongoing theme in Laura’s practice, from the nuances of gesture which reveal an individual’s personality to the elusive and intimate quality of modern beauty.

As she herself says, she is relatively spontaneous and enjoys the freedom of things not being overly planned or structured. From children sleeping to family and friends embracing each other, the photographs tell of a loving moment between those closest to us — all while encased and covered in the latest from Tekla.

This beautiful photo story serves as a reminder of the utmost importance of honesty and simplicity in everyday life.


Safiye & Rudabeh, Sean Earl, Teddy & Sonny, Kun, Shun, Yun & Qun, Kezzie, Jem & Mia, Constance, Leila & Pearl, Millie, Steffi & Rosie, Shuko & Kotoko.

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