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Prism of Light

The latest Tekla collection is a meditation on the evolution of light throughout the day—and how it affects us. It is the movement of the sun and moon that drives our Circadian rhythms, which in turn determine what bodily functions are enhanced when.

The sleep-wake schedule is one of our most prominent Circadian rhythms, which ebb and flow in tandem with the ever-changing natural world around us. When we are surrounded by daylight, the body signals that we should stay active and alert. Meanwhile, darkness causes the release of melatonin, which relaxes us. Throughout the day, light shifts—from morning to evening to night. And with it, our energy changes and our feelings of the day evolve. These images serve as an exploration of both day and night through the prism of light.

Morning. The sun begins to rise. Golden light streaming through your window. And dancing on the bedroom walls. You wake up in warm sheets. And slowly rise out of bed. Rested. Sitting up, you drink a glass of cold water and look out of the window. The street is soaked in sunlight. You get up and get ready. Brush your teeth and wash your face. Outside is waiting. It’s a new day. A fresh start.

Evening. When the twilight spills into your room. Shrouding the bed in blue. When you prepare for bed, tea in hand. You curl up in fresh, clean sheets. Reading. When you feel your body softening; releasing the pressure from the day gone by. You focus only on the book in front of you. No phone. No emails. No distractions. In a pair of crisp pyjamas, you feel yourself sinking deeper into the bed. Getting warm. Winding down. Ready for the night.

Night. Dreaming in the comfort of the darkness. Deep in slumber. Only the sound of passing cars outside. And light rain against your window. Breathing in. And out. All is still in the moonlight. You are asleep in your bed. Resting in its warm embrace. Around you, the room is cool. The air is cold. A cracked door lets in fresh air. But you are tucked up, cozy. Still dreaming, absorbed in serene sleep.

Credits Inés Manai

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