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The Gentlewoman Sleepwear: An interview

Paper Ivory sleepwear in The Gentlewoman Sleepwear
Ink Black on Paper Ivory in The Gentlewoman Sleepwear
Together with The Gentlewoman, we’ve created their gentlewomanly spin on Tekla’s signature Unisex Poplin Sleepwear. Through common language, the collection blends the sense of functionality, comfort and values resulting in beautiful design pieces without compromising on the quality. Speaking to Penny Martin, the editor in chief of The Gentlewoman magazine, we talk about her decision to work with a home-textile brand and the key elements of inspiration behind the collection.
What initiated the decision of teaming up with a home-textile brand?
I had been carrying around a Tekla cloth tote bag for months – I think it originally housed a beautiful John Pawson blanket – and was amazed at how it proudly kept its rectangular proportions without any flopping or wilting. All down to the amazing cotton fabric, I deduced. So, when the possibility of working with such textile excellence arose, I was all ears.

What were the key elements of inspiration?
Well, the woman’s pyjama is the ultimate Gentlewoman apparel, isn’t it: an item based on tailoring for men, adapted for females, but hopefully not too much.
Is there anything worse than your favourite men’s clothes turned pink for the girls, or given a curvy waist?
Paper Ivory in The Gentlewoman Sleepwear
Ink Black on Paper Ivory in The Gentlewoman Sleepwear
How did you do that?
I had a think about the details of men’s dress that I’m most envious of and happened upon the inside pocket – why is it, I wonder, that they’re the sole preserve of men’s jackets? They’re so handy and free up hands from having to carry a bag or purse. They’re also rather sexy, in their ability to conceal secret items. The Gentlewoman Pyjamas’ inner breast pocket itself hosts a smaller inside pocket – a bit like the chamber you get in the front left pocket of a pair of jeans – so you can secure very small items safely for a flight or a trip to a guest bathroom: earphones, perhaps, pills, sanitary items or condoms. All secreted away from prying eyes. The pyjamas also feature a more “mannish” pointed collar, appropriate for daytime lounging as well as for the bed, and a striped Ink Black on Paper Ivory colourway that reflects the graphic signature of The Gentlewoman magazine. Fun!
Credits: Matthieu Lavanchy
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