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How to mend your Tekla product
It’s important to repair signs of wear quickly to avoid further deterioration. Small repairs are easy to do and can prevent costly repairs later on.
Snagged loops in terry
If a loop snags, don’t pull it – cut it instead. This will stop the weave from unravelling.

Loose buttons
If a button is loose, wrap thread around the threads between the button and fabric, securing it with a knot. This will gather the threads that are attached to the button, which strengthens them. Alternatively, remove the thread completely and reattach the button.
It’s important to fix holes quickly before they grow larger.

For fabrics with a tight weave – like poplin or percale – and small holes, sew the sides together using a matching coloured thread. Trap any fraying edges within the stitch to prevent any further damage. If you require thread for your Tekla product, please contact

If the weave of the fabric is open like linen or the hole is large, interface – a lightweight fabric that adheres to fabric with heat – can be ironed onto the reverse of the fabric before stitching. Alternatively, a small patch of similar fabric can be sewn onto the back of the hole.

Unravelled seams
If a seam starts to unravel, knot the loose thread – do not pull it. This stops the seam from unravelling further. The seam can then be re-stitched using a needle with a single thread knotted at the end. Alternatively, use a sewing machine.

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