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Second life
How to reduce waste through circularity
87% of global textiles end up incinerated or in landfill. Extending a product’s life span through care and maintenance goes some way to easing this, but finding a second life for products you’re done with is crucial in reducing textile waste.
Dispose CarePage
If a product is no longer wanted but is still usable, consider reselling, swapping or donating it to avoid adding to landfill waste.

If a product reaches a point of disrepair, try using the textile for other purposes. This could include making rags for cleaning around the house or using it for craft projects like quilting.

If a product can't be fixed, upcycled, sold, shared or given away, it should be recycled at a textile recycling bank. Do not dispose of textiles in a household bin.

Check with local authorities to find the nearest textile recycling point.

For more information, visit textiles care.
Learn how to care more
Repair CarePage
When a product starts showing some signs of wear, it is important to care for them quickly to avoid further deterioration.
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Storing CarePage.Option2
Products can be damaged even when not in use if not stored properly: moths, damp and poor packing can all reduce the quality and lifespan of fabric.
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Washing CarePage
Proper washing practices can help maintain the quality of textiles while reducing environmental impact.
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