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Take care with thick cotton terry. The bathroom collection is a gentle addition to everyday routines, comprising towels, bathrobes and bath mats crafted from soft, 100% organic cotton.
bath inspiration
Male - Hooded Bathrobe - Green Teal Stripes
Teal Green Stripes classic bathrobe
White towel
Female - Hooded Bathrobe - Teal Green
Black towel
Teal Green Stripes hooded bathrobe
Female - Hooded Bathrobe - Soft Blue Stripes
Soft Blue Stripes hooded bathrobe
black stripes towel
Black Stripes towel
bath inspiration
Bath Mat - Solid - Teal Green
Teal Green bath mat
Forest Green towel
Kodiak Stripes towel
Sienna paired with Sienna Stripes and Ivory towels
Terry Towel - Striped - Kodiak Stripes
Kodiak Stripes towel
tekla towels tealgreen 1 2
Teal Green towel
Female - Hooded Bathrobe - Sienna
Sienna hooded bathrobe
Terry Towel - Striped - Sienna Stripes
Sienna Stripes towel
tekla towels ivorystripes 1 2
Ivory Stripes towel
Female - Classic Bathrobe - Striped - Kodiak Stripes
Kodiak Stripes classic bathrobe
Terry Towel - Solid - Kodiak Brown
Kodiak Brown towel
Bath Mat - Solid - Sienna
Sienna bath mat
Coastal Stripes, Navy, White and Clear Blue towels
Navy towel
Striped Terry Towel - Coastal Stripes
Coastal Stripes towel
Male – Classic Bathrobe - Soft Blue Stripes
Bath Mat - Solid - Clear Blue
Soft Blue Stripes classic bathrobe
Clear Blue bath mat
Female Antwerp Classic Bathrobe
Antwerp classic bathrobe
White towel
Black and White towels paired with Antwerp bathrobe
Bath Mat - Solid - Ivory
tekla towels blackstripes 2
Ivory bath mat
Black Stripes towel
winterbathing towels inspiration
Navy towel
tekla towels shadedpinkstripes 1 2
Shaded Pink Stripes towel
Bath Mat - Solid - Shaded Pink
Terry Towel - Striped - Sailor Stripes
Shaded Pink bath mat
Sailor Stripes towel
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