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Textiles care
Tekla pieces are designed to be lived in and made to last, from bedding that retains the feelings of freshly washed sheets to soft towels that dry with ease. Our design process starts with selecting the best materials for comfort, quality and function, developed with our partners to ensure our high standards are met.
A little goes a long way when it comes to properly caring for them.

Learn about your textiles, their specific needs and how to care for them with our textiles care guide.
Percale textile
Percale bedding
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Linen textile
Linen bedding
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Poplin textile
Poplin sleepwear
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Flannel textile
Flannel sleepwear
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Bathrobe textile
Terry bathrobes
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Towels textile
Terry towels and bath mats
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Wool blanket textile
Wool blankets
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Mohair blanket
Mohair blankets
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Cashmere blanket textile
Cashmere blankets
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Fine merino textile
Fine merino blankets
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Down textile
Down collection
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