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Responsibility at Tekla

Tekla recognises its responsibility as a brand to mitigate its impact. We design for longevity and produce responsibly, aspiring to move beyond just compliance with social and environmental requirements.

Responsibility report – 2021-2022

Our first report

When Tekla launched in 2017, responsible practices were already a part of the brand’s DNA: a core collection that rejects rapid trend cycles; only working with organic cotton that’s from fabric mills; close relationships with our ; a majority of production in Europe – a lot of the information in this first report was established at the beginning.

However, in 2022, we knew we had to take this further. We decided to measure our impact fully to better understand where to focus our efforts. We will continue to measure this year on year, using data from 2021 as our baseline, updating our impact and goals annually.

2021-2022 summary

Over the past year, we:

  • – applied for GOTS certification to ensure high standards in all production stages of organic cotton products, aiming to be certified by 2023, 

  • – applied for status, aiming to be certified by 2023,

  • – measured our carbon footprint across and ,

  • – set one to reduce our emissions by 45% by 2025, 

  • – committed to creating a plan that covers emissions,

  • – fully traced our to – country of origin, 

  • – launched a care universe to encourage longevity of Tekla products after the point of sale.

About B Corp

In 2022, we started the process of obtaining B Corp status. For this reason, you won’t see any information about this in the report, but we will share more in the future. 

Why B Corp?

A B Corp is a purpose-driven company that creates benefits for all of its stakeholders, not just its shareholders. To become certified, you must follow a set framework and pass a comprehensive assessment that scores a business’s social and environmental performance across five key stakeholder groups: the environment, workers, community, customers and governance. It’s a holistic certification that covers the entirety of business operations. 

Becoming a B Corp not only aligns with our values but also with the responsible way we want to keep building our business.

Read our annual report
Here, you can find information on our sustainability initiatives and business practices.
We divide this work into the four key sections that are most relevant to our daily business – climate action, materials, traceability and social impact. We will report on these annually.
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